Charlie Cadbury - CEO and Founder

Charlie is focused on the benefits Natural Language Processing can bring businesses and consumers. He has had a career in technology since selling his first website in 1999. Over the years Charlie has overseen the delivery of 350+ digital products for clients including The Olympics, RBS, Samsung and Marriott Hotels. Since 2015 Charlie's focus has been on conversational interfaces and was co-founder of the award winning Dazzle platform before founding (the award winning) SayItNow but it really all started in 1988...


Sander Siezen - Head of Product AND Founder

Sander is a Product Management professional with over 20 years of experience. He has launched successful mobile and digital products with market leading companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, PokerStars, Symbian and Aimia. Sander has pioneered Agile Product Management practices within the finance, online gaming and loyalty space.

Ed French - Commercial director - founding team

Ed’s a very experienced commercial lead with experience in EU and US internationalisation and the growth of technology services businesses’ to exit. He’s also a self professed ‘conversational ninja’ which comes in very handy in this role, in this business.

Brian Fitzpatrick - chairman

Brian has been involved in the development of digital media for nearly 25 years and is widely considered an industry veteran. Brian’s previous roles include managing director for the European business of before its acquisition by AOL and European managing director of the Media Innovation Group (the MIG), WPP’s first technology development organisation dedicated to media buying and optimisation.