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What Is Conversational Commerce?

We see conversational commerce as any part a conversational agent plays in the buying journey.  

Conversational Commerce can manifest as an assistant on a web page, your smart speaker, your assistant on your phone, a conversational advert you engage with or transactional bot.  These touchpoints are all able to influence your propensity to purchase and as such all have a role to play in the flow of conversational commerce.

To be clear, here we are talking about a conversation with a human on one side and a Natural Language Understanding system on the other.

The power of this as a channel lies

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Why you can’t ignore Conversational advertising

Humans spent more than 85 billion hours in messaging apps in the past 3 months and messaging apps are now being used by more than half the planet, if you are not using messaging channels in your marketing, the time is now.

Enter conversational advertising.

Conversational advertising also known as ‘bot advertising’ or ‘conversational ads’ manifest as an

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