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What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is the term used to describe and think about how brands and products are found in a voice world.  With voice interfaces like Google Assistant and Google Home entering our lives faster than any interface before this has become a very relevant topic.  Samsung has also publicly stated that every device it ships by 2020 will be voice enabled with it’s own Bixby assistant.

You can think about voice search much like google search.  You are asking a computer system to search the internet for a result.  The principal difference is that in an audio world only the first result really matters, we know that we are not very good at remembering lists and so these assistants are being built to serve you the one, best result.

This sounds great from a consumer perspective, if done correctly, but

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What Is Conversational Commerce?

We see conversational commerce as any part a conversational agent plays in the buying journey.  

Conversational Commerce can manifest as an assistant on a web page, your smart speaker, your assistant on your phone, a conversational advert you engage with or transactional bot.  These touchpoints are all able to influence your propensity to purchase and as such all have a role to play in the flow of conversational commerce.

To be clear, here we are talking about a conversation with a human on one side and a Natural Language Understanding system on the other.

The power of this as a channel lies

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