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What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is the term used to describe and think about how brands and products are found in a voice world.  With voice interfaces like Google Assistant and Google Home entering our lives faster than any interface before this has become a very relevant topic.  Samsung has also publicly stated that every device it ships by 2020 will be voice enabled with it’s own Bixby assistant.

You can think about voice search much like google search.  You are asking a computer system to search the internet for a result.  The principal difference is that in an audio world only the first result really matters, we know that we are not very good at remembering lists and so these assistants are being built to serve you the one, best result.

This sounds great from a consumer perspective, if done correctly, but

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What Is Conversational Commerce?

We see conversational commerce as any part a conversational agent plays in the buying journey.  

Conversational Commerce can manifest as an assistant on a web page, your smart speaker, your assistant on your phone, a conversational advert you engage with or transactional bot.  These touchpoints are all able to influence your propensity to purchase and as such all have a role to play in the flow of conversational commerce.

To be clear, here we are talking about a conversation with a human on one side and a Natural Language Understanding system on the other.

The power of this as a channel lies

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Why you can’t ignore Conversational advertising

Humans spent more than 85 billion hours in messaging apps in the past 3 months and messaging apps are now being used by more than half the planet, if you are not using messaging channels in your marketing, the time is now.

Enter conversational advertising.

Conversational advertising also known as ‘bot advertising’ or ‘conversational ads’ manifest as an

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An Hour With Bill Gates

Last Thursday I was invited to an intimate session at the Royal Institute hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  The foundation had invited representatives from leading healthcare charities and governing bodies. The title of the session was “Making The Case For Global Health” and it was fascinating to hear the macro view of one of my business heroes, William Henry Gates III.

The invite had come from Nancy Durrell McKenna and Erica Belanger of Safe Hands For Mothers who, for the last 15 years have been on a mission to educate on the topics of sexual and reproductive health and rights, primarily in Sub Saharan Africa.  We at Say It Now have been talking to them about using digital messaging tools (chat bots) to help amplify the reach of their work.  

The rapid rise of smartphone penetration and network technology in Africa is opening up huge opportunities to reach ever larger groups of people.  Where the delivery of basic education carries the power to positively impact many lives we believe a mobile (or chat bot) first approach can be transformational and are thus heavily invested in the area.

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10 Reasons 2019 Is The Year Of The Chat Bot Or Voice Bot - Featuring 10 INFO-GRAPHICS

This is all about communication.

The ability to convincingly communicate puts you ahead of the rest.

Automated, constantly improving, communication systems deliver great power and influence.  However, are the people of planet earth ready to use these systems?  Are we ready to trust chat bots and voice bots?

As with any new communications channel

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5 Predictions for Voice in 2019

Bixby, Apple, speed and 500 million voice enabled devices. Where do all these fit into our view of the voice landscape in 2019?

Charlie was recently asked to give some predictions for voice in 2019 by MItra Sorrells who had interviewed him earlier in the year for a Phocuswire Feature. Here are our top 5 predictions for the voice landscape in 2019:

1) New entrants: S

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Charles Cadbury
Making 'AI'​ Actionable. Understanding The Hype.

“In the long term, beyond the five-year horizon, natural language question answering will be a major technology force” - Gartner 2011

'Natural Language Question Answering' was first tracked in the 2011 Gartner Hype cycle as a technology that would reach mainstream adoption within 5-10 years. 

‘Natural Language Question Answering’ encompasses much of what smart speakers and chatbots can do today, but we wanted to see where we were in the cycle, so

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Charles Cadbury
Voice Search

Can we put any figures on how many people are connected to voice activated devices, how many people use voice search, demographics, growth in people using voice search? There are now estimated to be over 1BN voice activated devices worldwide.  These encompass smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home and embedded assistants on mobile devices like Google Assistant and Siri.  In the PwC 2018 Consumer Insights Survey they found that 10% of consumers globally own an AI device and

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Charles Cadbury
3 Ways To Commercialise Conversational Interfaces

I was asked to speak at an event recently about our experience to date and future vision of conversational interfaces.

The founding passion comes from science fiction, the idea that we can talk to our technology has been around for decades. What makes the delivery of these interfaces right now hard is

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Charles Cadbury
VUX World interviews Charles Cadbury on Conversational Commerce

Late June, following a meeting at the Smart Voice Summit, VUX World approached Say It Now for an interview with Charlie Cadbury.  They were interested to learn some more on our experience and vision for both Emerging Commerce and Conversational Commerce.

We engaged in a far reaching podcast exploring areas such as the types of teams that are required to stay ahead and what brands need to do to maintain relevance in an assistant first world.

We engaged in a far reaching podcast exploring areas such as the types of teams that are requires to stay ahead and what brands need to do to maintain relevance in an assistant first world.

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Charles Cadbury
Using mobility to increase sales

Our understanding of Emerging Commerce tells us that purchasing habits will continuously change.  For example, with car dealers it used to be the case that car salesmen would get 1 in every 7 people that came into the dealership to accept a test drive.  Today that figure is 1.3.  Customers self-serve much of the information they need to know before they buy.  So how can mobility help?

For many high value purchases… 

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Charles Cadbury
SayItNow announces strategic partnership with SwiftGift

One of our core beliefs at SayItNow is the concept of Emerging Commerce, the understanding that the way that humans have bought goods and services has always, and will always continue to change, which is why we're so excited to announce the partnership with Swiftgift.

Swiftgift is an innovative service that allows eCommerce businesses to unlock extra gifting revenue and bills itself as "the highest converting customer acquisition tool om the market".  Essentially the platform allows a gift to be sent to a recipient without having to enter the recipient's address.  This reduces friction in the purchasing flow and last mile delivery. In partnership with Swiftgift, SayItNow can now offer a new type of gifting through a conversational interface messenger and voice interface as part of our core offering.

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Charles Cadbury
Emerging Commerce

Whilst fundamental human motivations don’t change that much – the way we act on them do. One thing we have always done and will continue to do is buy the things we want and need, and try to seek out the best value whilst doing so. We will always transact, how we do so will always continue to evolve.  Since 2013 Charlie has referred to this as 'Emerging Commerce'

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Charles Cadbury
Voice Tech Podcast

Charles Cadbury was approached the great Carl Robinson and be asked to be interviewed for his Voice Tech Podcast.  Charles and Carl had the time and space to talk about lessons learned to date and where these technologies might take us.

The conversation covered the challenges working with client data, how payment transactions can and will be handled over voice, how voice assistants will change the landscape of consumer sales and marketing, and much more.

Listen to the podcast here.

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Charles Cadbury