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Say It Now wins Amazon’s UK and European "Alexa Cup"

2019 Marks the inaugural year of Amazon’s “Alexa Cup” a global competition to seek out the best skills (voice apps) that can be produced for the Alexa platform. The competition was invite only for the most promising businesses pushing forward the Voice landscape. In the UK heat mid June Say It Now beat an excellent field in London to progress to the European Championships where we saw off several global agencies to win a place in the final (to be held in the US at the end of July) with our “Project Robin Hood” concept using an enabling platform partner Booxscale. Read the full story here.

Will Voice be a Game Changer for TV and OTT?

We were recently asked by Video Ad News for our opinion on the impact and opportunities for Voice in the TV and OTT as we start to see more voice controlled TV’s. Read the full article here.

esteemed publication “communication arts” discusses chat and voice bots with help from say it now

Communication Arts has been leading best practice in communication since 1959. 60 Years on, when they wanted to cover best practice in voice and chatbots they came to Say It Now to support their understanding for their article. You can read the full article here.

working with Voice and chat bots over the last 4 years

Talking through where we are in the Hype Cycle and what we have leaned in travel with brands like Marriott Charlie was invited to deliver the Keynote at “Buy Tourism Online” on our experience in working with conversational interfaces in the travel and tourism industries. Watch the full video here or see the slide deck here on “Does Hospitality go AI?”.

Conversational commerce - 4 case studies [video]

Charlie was asked to speak at The London Chatbots and Voice Assistants Meetup recently and talked through his experience in the role conversational channels play in the buying journey. In this talk he explores the business drivers behind 4 conversational experiences and how the chatbots or voice skills justified their investment. Watch the full recording of the talk and Q&A here.

vux world - All about conversational commerce [podcast]

In a wide ranging conversation with the host wit the most Kane Simms Charlie talks about the role conversational experiences delivered through chatbots, voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa play in the transaction chain. This was a very wide ranging and well recieved podcast, listen to it here.

Talisker tasting - Alexa Skill [VIDEO]

A Whisky Tasting experience commissioned by Diageo. Official press release here and met with critical acclaim from industry press including; The Verdict, Beverage Daily, Drinks Retailing News, The Spirits Business, The Drinks Business, Harpers, Just Drinks. Watch the demo video of the Alexa Skill here.

The future of communication between brand and customer [podcast]

A recent interview where Charlie Cadbury talks through his views on how chatbots and voice assistants on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are set to change the way forward thinking brands communicate with their customers. Listen to the full podcast here.

Conversational Advertising [VIDEO]

Conversational Advertising and Conversational Commerce are on the rise with consumers spending more and more time within messaging environments. Say It Now can help your brand take advantage of these channels using voice and chat bots. Have a chat with our charming chatbot at, watch this video or contact us to learn more.

I’ll be back - what’s all the hype about voice [video]

Charlie was invited to speak at I’ll Be Back, a monthly event exploring the intersection between creativity, advertising and A.I. His talk was focused on where we are in the hype cycle of voice assistants and chat bots and what London agencies like Say It Now would advise in framing your thinking about how to use these natural language processing technologies. Watch a full version of the talk here or view the slideshare here. interview “the future of voice in travel” [video]

This interview was recorded with our very own Charlie Cadbury in 2017, however the views on the relevance of voice, where it’s come from and where we are going still stand true and are indeed being played out. See the full interview here. Interesting to see how Amazon Alexa’s skills and Google Assistant have come on.

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