Working With Industry Leaders

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Why Say It Now

At Say it Now we are passionate about the future of conversational technology, with over 20 years experience in delivering enterprise solutions our goal is simple, to make peoples’ lives easier.

Every product we build goes through a meticulous planning and quality assurance process ensuring that we develop voice skills and chatbots that engage users, reduce friction and add utility to everyday life.

“There’s no denying that voice is the future. The technology will continue to drive and shift consumer behaviour, and companies need to prepare and adjust accordingly. Search, advertising, content, and commerce are being impacted industry-wide as consumers transform the way they interact with brands as the result of voice technology. Consumers are talking, and it’s a good idea to listen.”*

*PWC, Consumer Intelligence Series.

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What We Do

We craft conversations that lead to an action


Branded Voice Experiences

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Voice-assistant technology unlocks a new form of always-on interaction between you and your consumers. Open up an instant, hands-free and frictionless dialogue in the comfort of their home, car or on the move without having to reach for a mobile device.


Conversational Commerce

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Give your customers the support they deserve by allowing them to quickly ask questions, get personalised recommendations, read or listen to reviews, then make a purchase through their preferred Voice Assistant, Messenger App or a mix of both.


Conversational Advertising

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Deliver highly personalised advertising experiences by connecting your display, social and search campaigns to messenger bots such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Whether you are running customer acquisition or retargeting campaigns, bot-advertising is the ideal way to deliver one-to-one engagement.


How To Get Started

1. Initial Scope

Initial Scope Say It Now

Let us know what kind of customer communication challenge you are facing or tell us about your Vocie Skills and Chatbot ideas.

We will make an initial assessment of your opportunities to use conversational channels to achieve your objectives and set out a workshop plan.

2. Book A Workshop

Book A Workshop Say It Now

Together we'll work through a conversational canvas to assess where immediate gains can be made.

We then agree a minimum viable product (MVP) for the initial digital assistant for your business.

We will provide detailed outputs from the workshop including a demo video of your assistant in action.

3. Build Your Assistant

Build Say It Now

Based on the workshop outputs we will develop your assistant across the most appropriate voice or messenger platforms (Alexa, Google, Facebook Messenger...)

We then launch your first assistant, provide analytics and incrementally improve the assistant based on feedback and usage from your customers.