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SayItNow is a specialist technology company that helps brands take advantage of opportunities created by consumers shifting to conversational channels

"57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience" - Salesforce, 2018 

Why SayItNow?

Did you know that today, 64% of consumers expect companies to respond in real time? It's true.

Home voice-assistants are selling like hot cakes. People like to talk, and it turns out they're happy talking to machines too. At least when it's done right.

Businesses all over the world are capitalising on this shift, and those who aren't might just get left behind. How about you?

At SayltNow we've spent the past few years helping businesses talk to their customers in exciting new ways.

Perhaps we can help you too? To kick off the conversation, we can run a quick checkup for free.

Sounds fair, right? Never turn down the opportunity for a conversation...

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Getting started with SayItNow


1: Request a health check

SayItNow will audit your current capability to respond immediately to customer requests.

The check will cover Facebook, Google Assistant, Twitter, Web chat and Alexa.

You will receive a report and initial recommendations of how to improve within 24 hours.


2: Book a workshop

We will together work through a conversational canvas and assess where immediate gains could be made.

We will agree a minimum viable product (MVP) for an initial digital assistant for your business.

You will receive detailed outputs from the workshop including a demo video of your assistant in action.


3. Build your first assistant

Based the workshop outputs SayItNow will develop your assistant across the most appropriate voice or text channels (Alexa, Facebook Messenger, web etc.).

We will help you launch your first assistant, provide analytics and incrementally improve the assistant based on feedback and usage by your customers.

What we do

Conversational Advertising

Conversational powered ad units can deliver an 87% boost in engagement compared to standard display ads and open new owned channels to communicate with your audience. The conversations can be deployed in page, in app or using messenger.

Conversational Health Check

SayItNow deliver a Conversational Health Check which reports on how well your organisation currently engages in conversations with it's customers on messenger and voice channels. The Health Check looks at the prominent conversational channels; Twitter, Facebook Messenger, web chat, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant among others. The results describe the ability to find and immediately engage using each channel and the responsiveness and accuracy of the conversations.  All current research points to a growing shift towards messenger and voice skills like Alexa as channels where your customers expect you to be present.

Consulting on conversational strategy and proposition

SayItNow will work together with you to identify and define the benefits available from adding immediate conversational capability. We work with you through an iterative process (Investigation - Hypothesis - Implementation - Measurement) to introduce incremental steps to improve the way your organisation communicates with its customers.

Bespoke development of chatbots and voice assistants

SayItNow offers bespoke development of intelligent agents that work across messenger and voice channels. We are an London based Agency that builds Alexa Skills, Facebook Messenger chatbots and Google Actions. We work with you to prioritise the areas that will deliver the greatest benefit in the shortest time-frame and work to mature your core assistant "brain" from there.  We will help you work towards one digital assistant answering customer queries from any of the prevalent channels, whether those are voice or text based.

Monitoring, analytics and optimisation of conversational channels

By their nature, conversational systems are developed and improved incrementally. SayItNow monitors your usage and provides analytics on conversational channels, constantly improving the performance of your digital assistants and delivering immediacy for any question asked, on any channel.


Charlie Cadbury

CEO and Founder

Charlie is focused on the benefits Natural Language Processing can bring businesses and consumers. He has had a career in technology since selling his first website in 1999. Over the years Charlie has overseen the delivery of 350+ digital products for clients including The London Olympics, Royal Bank of Scotland, Samsung and Marriott Hotels. Since 2015 Charlie's focus has been on conversational interfaces and was co-founder of the award winning Dazzle platform before founding SayItNow.

Sander Siezen

Chief Product Officer and Founder

Sander is a Product Management professional with over 20 years of experience. He has launched successful mobile and digital products with market leading companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, PokerStars, Symbian and Aimia. Sander has pioneered Agile Product Management practices within the finance, online gaming and loyalty space.


“Assistance is the new black.”
— Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Product, Google


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Receive a report detailing how your brand currently performs across all messenger and voice channels by this time tomorrow. Leave your details below along with any further details.

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